Tapping into the bigger mind Human brain power with machine intelligence

Digitized Knowledge

A novel environment designed to enable new breakthrough in artificial intelligence by extracting human brain thinking process and the way it extrapolates ideas that creates connective pathways to unique problem-solving techniques.

Aggregated Insights

As predictive analytics becomes more sophisticated; companies are increasingly looking for aggregated insights. INKAS is the only environment which enables data analytics and domain expertise to be synthesized into a global solutions that outperforms any individual judgment.

Fostering Innovation

INKAS allows budgets to be allocated based on the innovative value delivered. Involved organizations can stay ahead of their competition by increasing speed in bringing innovation to market while saving considerable cost in R&D and hiring.

Multidisciplinary Resources

Complex problems are rarely solved by a single knowledge source. Yet, our current system tends to compensate individual cognitive abilities. INKAS brings global minds together and leverage the enhanced capacity of multidisciplinary resources.

Explainable AI

By providing justification for all decisions, INKAS has an application for companies having to meet increasing strict regulatory constraints for accountability and traceability. It also helps to incentivize employees to contribute novel solution by revealing outcomes that increase productivity and profitability.

Preserving privacy

While collaboration is becoming increasingly essential, companies and researchers need to protect their intellectual properties. We ensure this by integrated secure multi-party computation on TEEs (Trusted Execution Environments) to preserve privacy during the entire collaboration process.



Enabling every mind to license their knowledge and data-assets by bring their unique domain expertise toward addressing global challenges in an environment that maximizes positive contributions.


Empowering businesses with growing needs to extract insights from their data and domain specialists to gain competitive advantage without compromising privacy over their data-assets.


Accessing breakthrough solutions by connecting quests to a distributed network of multidisciplinary knowledge sources in an environment aligned with individual interests and evolving regulatory laws.

By combining recognition with cognition, there are few problems we can’t solve. At Vestun, you can make a difference while taking on challenges at a global scale.
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